Monday, April 29, 2002

I started out writing to Bubba, but then I thought "he doesn't read his e-mail very often". It then occurred to me that if I sent this to a few other well-chosen people in my address book, he would get the message. So I hope you don't mind.

Miss you all,
Bob & Janet


Hey, Bubba, what if needed you for a gig, how would I get hold of you?

Hope that you're OK. We've tried calling you a few times but this prepaid cell phone plan we bought isn't very good. I only got through once or twice to leave a message, latest one today.

I was cruising on the internet sea, came across Gerd Rube's web site, and found a couple pictures of him and you playing together at SWB -- probably a couple of years ago. I saved the pictures and will send them to you by e-mail,

We're still not settled in yet. We just got word today that we can rent the apartment that we wanted, so we should be out of here (our daughter's house, in the cellar family room) and in the new apartment by about May 15th.

It doesn't look to me like you're checking your Yahoo! mail. Have you been able to get on line with Bob & Michelle. Oh-oh! I forgot to e-mail them the information about your e-mail and website. I'll try to do that today.
(Of course, if you're not checking your e-mail, then you won't be reading this anyway. Right?)

I've been listening to a lot of (recorded) music. We haven't been out anywhere for music but I've been checking out where to find live music in this area. There's a fairly active scene around here, but it's nothing like KW. Here you have to drive 10-20 miles just to get to a music venue and then pay cover charges to get in to a place and buy overpriced drinks with a bunch of strangers (or friends we haven't met yet).

It's kind of strange being here. Nothing is near anything else. You have to have a car just to live. Sucks! I'm trying to start up a web site called The Real Key West. It'll just be a kind of a diary or journal of my thoughts about living in the real Key West, where life is good and friends are near (and dear).

We're missing you and everybody else, but life goes on. I find that I've got the time now to get serious about writing and my further musical education. I found my old keyboard in our storage unit. I'm going to set it up next to my computers and see what I can do to make some music and get it on the internet,

I've been listening to some good stuff here today. Jaco Pastorius and Bela Fleck for bassists, some Bolivian jazz at the moment, and an eclectic mix of other stuff. Do you know if Lisa has her CD's out yet? We want to get one as soon as they are available. I've been listening to Carl's CD a lot, and to Michael's as well. How's Michael doing with his finger? I saw a picture of him on the Citizen web site and he was playing harmonica. It was the article about the noise ordinance. Bastards!

Well, hey, as usual I'm going on too long. I enjoy the writing, so bear with me.

All the best,

Bob (& Janet)

Going for the perpetual orgasm.

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