Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The Listener

I'll use this section to comment on some the things I listen to here and there. For example, NPR's Morning Edition this morning had a piece with Johnny Cash's producer. It was great. Listen here..

I've become The Listener of NH Public Radio, and hear so many good things there every day.

"The Listener" is a book by Taylor Caldwell that I read a long time ago, and it moved me. I just found my copy in the cellar. My uncle Billy gave it to me.

I'm listening to Michael McCloud's "Another Day in Paradox" right now. Keeps me connected to Schooner Wharf and Key West. Is he still performing with 'friends', Captain Carl and Bubba? I sure hope so.

Be sure to catch Rockin' Jake while he's in town this week. He puts on a helluva show. Tell him Bob & Janet from New Hampshire says "hi" and happy New Year. He's at the Parrot from the 31st (famous New Year's Eve show) and then through the 3rd (matinee from 5-7 on the 1st).

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