Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Time Traveling

Postings with this title will deal with things that happened "a while ago", or things that haven't happened yet but we hope that they do -- or don't.

"A long while ago in Bethlehem, so the Holy Bible say,
A little baby, Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas Day."
- Harry Belafonte

A little while ago, I was listening to NH Public Radio. Morning Edition finished up their two-hour stint with an interview with Johnny Cash's producer, a guy named Rick Rubin. Listen here..

In 1939, Bob was born in Boston, MA. In 1944, Janet was born in Lowell, MA. We were married in Watertown, MA in 1962. Daughter Betty born in 1963. Daughter Susan born in 1966. In 1984, we bought a motor home and travelled 15,000 miles in three months through 35 states. In 1987, we spent two weeks in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Germany with our daughter and her future husband. We celebrated out 25th wedding anniversary at a sidewalk restaurant at Les Halles in Paris. In 1989, we moved to Pennsylvania to be near our first grandchild. In 1997, we went to Ireland and backpacked and tented for 5-1/2 months. We spent a month of that time travelling in Europe by bus and train. Celebrated our 35th anniversary by having dinner at that same restaurant in Les Halles. In 1999, we moved to Key West and lived there for 3+ years. In 2002, we moved back to NH and live there now. In 2004, we'll be moving back to Key West. We're hoping to stay this time.

So, that's us in a nutshell. There's a lot more detail and we're likely to reveal some of it if you hang around here long enough.

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