Friday, January 30, 2004

Its Only Key West

Read this! Join the forums and read them regularly if you love KW, or you're curious about the place.

IOKW is run as a forum -- a message board -- on EZBoard. It was begun by a long-time KW resident who wrote as Sager. It featured Sager's weekly walkabouts in the town, as well as a forum for those looking for help in moving to the place. When Sager died last year, he had already begun to transfer control of the community to Captain BK. The good captain preserved the past and built a new future for the forum.

IOKW now boasts over 400 members. Some are KW residents but, for the most part, they are people from everywhere who share a fascination with a place that has captured their affection for someplace "different".

Between this site and the KW Citizen KeyNews site, I can feel a little like I did on arriving there in 1999.

Links to both sites are over there on the right.

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