Monday, February 16, 2004

Key West Chamber of Commerce

In spite of my critical remarks about the Chamber yesterday, and in fairness, I have to say that it provides many useful services to the community, and to the public at large. My work schedule during the period of my membership didn't allow me the luxury of taking part in Chamber events, nor in its governance.

Janet and I used the web site Relocation Information page before our first move down in 1999. There's a lot of good information there. I don't know who designed and implemented the site. It's hosted on a computer in Tulsa, OK by Internet International. They also do web design work, and so may have done this one. At any rate, the site works well and has useful information. It doesn't suck. Its part of the Real Key West.

The Chamber has a sweetheart deal on its building at Mallory Waterfront, some say. It is, for practical purposes, the Key West Visitor Center on the waterfront and in the main tourist center in Old Town. There is an inviting information lobby in front, with relatively friendly agents on duty. I hear that there's a well-developed back office operation, handling phone inquiries from all over and maintaining mailing list management and mailing services.

We have it Bookmarked. You should do the same.

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