Friday, February 06, 2004

The Listener

If you read some of my earlier posts here, y'all may know that I'm a big fan of radio, especially Public Talk Radio. I usually have New Hampshire Public Radio on in the next room and listen to it from early morning until late afternoon.

Occasionally, during the night or in the early morning hours, I like to fire up iTunes and listen to streaming radio. I'm listening now to Radio Darvish, a station that streams traditional Persian (Iranian) music pretty much 24 hours a day. It's interesting music, quite different from what I am used to hearing, but curiously melodic and rhythmic. Sometimes it reminds me of the Gregorian chanting used in the Catholic churches I attended as a child and boy. There's a definite similarity to Indian music, too, more pronounced at some times than others. The instruments used -- the Tar and the Setar -- sound to me like the Indian sitar, without the heavy harmonics and resonance of that instrument. They also remind me of a mandolin at times. Sometimes the music includes a percussion back beat, provided I would guess by a small hand-played drum like the Indian tabla or the Celtic bodhran.

The music is hypnotic. Check it out.
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