Thursday, February 05, 2004

Time Traveling.

Yesterday was Janet's birthday. We marked the calendar a couple of weeks ago to show that we have exactly 103 days left as of the 4th before we head for home in Key West.

The calendar is in control now. We still have a lot to do before we're ready to go, but we're making progress and know we can do it.

We keep the eBay monster fed pretty regularly. It takes time to prepare the listings -- pictures, descriptions, the actual posting on eBay. Bob is pretty good at it now. He's using a tool called Selling Manager that eBay provides for sellers at no cost. It keeps track of what you're selling, what you've sold, and handles the job of e-mailing with buyers.

Janet has opened all of the boxes in the cellar that need to be opened. She plans to spend several hours this weekend sorting through everything and putting things into the right category -- yard sale, moving sale, storage, send-later, or take-with. We've done that already for the major items, like furniture, but we still have lots of lesser stuff to go through. We should have our first collection of boxes for storage by the end of February.

She's very well organized with all of this -- in fact we both are. We're pretty pleased with how its come together. We're in touch with a few friends who live in KW and asked them to keep an eye out for houseboats for rent or sale.

We bought an Apple iBook on eBay last weekend. It's a replacement for all of the computer gear that fills Bob's "office" here, and much more in keeping with our future needs. The old, work horse Mac's we've had since 1997 and 2001 should be sold by the end of February, now that we've saved all the software and data from them.

We figured out how to use the main web site to point directly to this web log. Click the link and bookmark it if you want to visit us here again.

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