Friday, March 19, 2004

58 Days

I wrote the following post a week ago today, and didn't publish it because I didn't think it was done. Well, it still isn't done, but theres' no sense in just leaving it lying around, so here it is...raw, naked, hungry, ....

I haven't been posting much here of late. I thought we ought to have something to say or y'all would think we haven't been around.

We've been productive at eBay over the last two weeks. We sold most of the camping equipment from Ireland -- the tent, our two backpacks, air mattress, cooking kit, water bottle, etc.. We also sold a couple of antique items, some computer stuff, and other miscellany. I was at the Post Office nearly every day for the first week. We're more than halfway through the eBay stuff. I have to get some listings ready for Janet to price later on today. The shop is empty right now. Watch for new items -- coming soon.

I packed up four or five boxes of photo albums, boxed photos, and other memorabilia, ready to go into storage soon. Janet has a couple of boxes of "things to ship later" ready. And I filled four boxes with books to be sold locally or donated to the Dover Library for their book sale.

I'm teaching at the Adult Learning Center this week and next - Very Basic Computers - to five new CyberSeniors. They're an interesting group. Anne is 84, and she's determined to master her computer before she dies, doesn't want to let a machine get the best of her. The rest are all 55+ and there to learn for their individual reasons -- to be intouch with their kids, to work with digital photos, to surf the 'net, etc.

The new iBook is performing well. I have all of our music loaded into iTunes and some of our photos loaded in iPhoto. I'm seven music tracks short of 2,500 so, if you have a recommendation for filling the seven slots, let me know ... y'know, leave a comment ... I don't get many comments. I know someone is looking in, because there've been 338 visitors to the blog in the past 70 days.

I wish there was more time. I get up early and work all day, and yet there's still more to be done. The end of March is a key milestone, when we want to have the cellar "done". We'll be running the moving sale and the yard sale(s) in April.

At times, I'm tempted to put something in here that isn't related (or relate-able) to Key West, but I resist the temptation. There are so many places now that one can go on the internet to read and discuss almost anything. So I stick to the politics venues for politics, the Macintosh and technology venues for those topics, etc.

One topic that is of interest, and that I've discussed here before, is local politics, Key West politics. I have the sense that many KW'ers have little interest in the doings of government in the Keys -- except when that government is goring their ox. As a result, a small percentage of the population chooses those who get to govern.

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