Monday, March 15, 2004

Guy Noir -- Private Investigator

Guy Noir, Private Investigator, is a continuing character on Garrison Keiler's Prarie Home Companion show on NPR. I've mentioned here before that NPR is my constant companion throughout the day, whether I'm listening to KCRW in Santa Barbara on the internet,or WEVO on the radio here in New Hampshire.

"above the empty streets, on the twelfth floor of the Acme Building one man is still trying to find the answers to life's persistent questions -- Guy Noir, Private Eye"

Listening to it yesterday, on my way to see my brother Tom in Massachusetts, I got to think some about the differences between living here and living in Key West. Weather is a gimmee. Everyone knows about that difference. The difference I noticed most when we first moved back here was the distance that one is required to travel in New Hampshire to get just about anywhere else. After growing accustomed to the two-by-four scale of Key West, it brought me up short to remember that one could drive 50 miles just to deliver and pick up a granddaughter at volleyball practice, or to go to a grandson's hockey game.

We live in a city of about the same population (26,884) as Key West (27,698) but, of course, covering a much larger area. The island of Key West has an area of 4.2 square miles, while the City--incorporating the northern part of neighboring Stock Island--has an area of 5.79 square miles. Dover covers 28.9 square miles. We live with a half-mile of downtown Dover so can walk there easily, but there really aren't many places we care to go in downtown anyway.

I almost had to take Janet to work at three o'clock this morning because it had begun to snow lightly. I convinced her that the snow wasn't going to amount to anything and that it would be considerably warmer by noon when she'll be coming home.

Anyway, to get back to differences, in Key West I mainly walked or bicycled where I wanted to go and only rarely needed to use a car to get anywhere. Not much that we had to do required the car, though Janet used it to food-shop on Roosevelt Boulevard.

In Key West, life's persistent questions (see, there was a point to the lead paragraph!) consisted of such things as "What's the Film Society showing this week?", "Is Carl Peachey playing at Captain Tony's today?", and "How many ships will be in port today?".

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