Saturday, April 24, 2004

22 Days

Some nice stuff in the Citizen today. "A memoir - Of Life and Death, one man's journey." Here.

And some not-so-nice.

Day 1 of the Moving Sale went well. Stuff is about half gone. We might be able to wrap this up in two or three days instead of the 10 days we scheduled. That would be good. Having to have someone chained to the house from one 'til seven is limiting..

We'll have two cars next week, as Betty and her family are on a Carribean cruise during school vacation. I'll take them to the airport in Manchester early Sunday morning. We're watching their dog while they're away, which means at least two trips a day over there. Now that we've gone to the (air) mattresses, we might even decide to sleep there some of the time. Our beds went out yesterday, so we're on the air mattress for the duration. It actually wasn't bad. I slept well, and so did Janet.

More later.

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