Friday, April 23, 2004

24 Days to go .....

4:55 AM. Janet left for work at 3:00. She's been a whirlwind around here for the past two days as we organize for today's opening of the Great Moving Sale. I'm being cut a huge break in all this, with only a support role. I move heavy things when they need to be moved, make signs when needed, things like that. We drove to Rochester yesterday, me to bring a package to Fed Ex, Janet to have her hair cut. I went to the Credit Union to get change for today.

Once the moving sale is over (on the 2nd), we'll be sleeping on the air mattress, eating with plastic from paper plates, and all that'll be left is to bring the storage items to Betty's and clean up here. It will be like camping out again, as we did in '97, but with a roof. And a bathroom. And electricity. Janet's last day at work is the 7th. We'll have nine days then, to handle anything else that comes up.

Mundane things all, but all part of the process of getting ready.

I did my broad news scan while waiting for the KW Citizen to go live with the web edition. Listening to KPIG (all cowboy all the time, streaming in iTunes. I scan the home pages of ABC News, the BBC, CBS Marketwatch, CNet, the LA times and the NY Times, sometimes linking out to look at something in more detail. This morning it was things like "Why did the FDA police stop a bus load of seniors from Minnesota traveling back from Canada with their 'illegal drug purchases'?", this from Drudge: DEAD AT DOVER PHOTOS HIT INTERNET; CONTROVERSY OVER SHOWING IRAQ CASUALTIES INTENSIFIES, and a a few others. I also have a brief scan that I use during the day -- Google News and Drudge -- along with my home page.

Time now (5:25) to go and read the Citizen. I might be back later today. Or I might not. I got a new Shames book at the library yesterday - Welcome to Paradise. Not new, actually. It was his second book published in '99, and I guess I read it the same year. Might tie me up a while this morning.

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