Monday, April 05, 2004

Hungry (II)

This is about a different kind of hungry. We're wondering if there's anywhere in KW that has a good selection of lo-carb foods. We went on the Atkins diet last fall, with some success, and we try to maintain a relatively lo-carb diet without being too rigid (which the Atkins diet is).

Janet went to one of our local outlets for such foods yesterday and struck gold. We've been looking for wraps -- tortillas -- with low net carbs, and she found some of the large ones with only 5g per wrap AND she found pita pockets with the same count. Either the wraps or the pockets make for a nice lunch with sliced meat and cheese, a little mayo, and a bit of lettuce.

A lot of lo-carb specialties either (a) are quite expensive, or (b) taste like cardboard -- or both! We checked with one of our flax cereal suppliers and we were told that the Sugar Apple on Simonton St. carries their hot cereals.

Well, it'll be interesting to shop for those kinds of things when we arrive -- in less than 60 days.

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