Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I Could Tell You Stories ....

I have this thing in my brain that causes me to think of songs I know in response to specific verbal "triggers". Here's what I mean.

I'll be having a normal conversation, or I'll be listening to the radio or TV, or reading something in print or on the 'net. A peculiar word, or combination of words, triggers a memory of a song apropos to the word or phrase. I know that, in this, I'm not unique, insomuch as I've met at least one other person who understood immediately what I meant when I talked about it. It works in reverse, too. That is, a song triggers a memory of a person or a place, a situation.

The second form, music-triggering-memory, is almost certainly more common than the first. You hear almost any Michael McCloud song and memories of Schooner Wharf flood in. For me, its even a bit richer than that: certain songs by Michael bring memories of SWB while others remind of his evenings at Willie T's on Duval Street.

But the first form, memory-triggering-music, is I think less common, because of the unique associations my own mind has formed between language construct and song. I suspect that this may be related to synesthesia, a kind of cross-connection between the senses that allows some people to "see" or "taste" sound, or "hear" things they look at. I'm fascinated by these kinds of things.

The song is ended, but the melody lingers on.

See what I mean?

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