Friday, April 09, 2004

Key West in Fiction

A few days ago, I wrote an entry for the blog on T Shirt shops. I lost the entry before it got posted due to non-lethal stupidity on my part -- I did a force-quit on my browser to clear another problem before saving the post.

Anyway, in that post, I tried to remember the title and author of a book I read soon after arriving in KW. It's major theme was the operation of T Shirt shops by a Russian Mafia who used them as fronts for other, even more illegal activities.

The book is Mangrove Squeeze by Laurence Shames. The action centers around Sukie Sperakis, a free spirit who stumbles on a Russian Mafia scheme to use T-shirt shops as a front for selling contraband (including plutonium).

I can't recreate the entire post here -- I haven't made the beds yet, and I have to wash the kitchen floor, and its getting late in the morning. The main point I wanted to make, though, was that I once counted all the less-than-reputable T shops between Truman Avenue and Caroline Street, a distance of eight blocks. There were FIFTY-EIGHT.

I'll have more to say about this later on.

[38 days and counting]

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