Saturday, April 03, 2004

Point - Counterpoint

There's an interesting juxtaposition of letters in the Citizen this morning: Mary Ciesinski provides the view of one who has lived in our fair city for forty-plus years. She decries many of the changes that she has seen and longs for the restoration of a balance between the interests of citizens and those of the moneyed interests. Kirby Congdon, poet/writer who by his own statement apparently profits from the presence of many tourists, furnishes the counterpoint.

City Commissioners have named 13 of the 14 members of the newly-forming tourism study panel. I don't recognize many of the names, so I'm unable to offer any comment on the direction these people are likely lean in their deliberations. One hopes that they have been chosen for their objectivity and ability to work together to bring forth a tourism management plan that will achieve the balance needed.

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