Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Quoted without comment

This is an excerpt from an article in today's Citizen:

Scales* said that testifying on behalf of the city was not a conflict of interest. "I, naively, never, ever anticipated" the perception of conflict of interest, Scales said in a e-mail response to questions Tuesday.

"The city is represented by competent counsel; the Ducks are represented by competent counsel; HTA is represented by competent counsel," Scales wrote. "I deeply regret that I didn't anticipate the potential for allegations of the appearance of conflict sooner. As I've stated, while I do not believe there was a conflict of interest for me to testify for the bill, I certainly can now (unfortunately, after the fact) appreciate how folks unfamiliar with the issues may perceive the appearance of one; and I don't want to, in any way, compound that appearance by any further involvement in this matter."

*City Commissioner and in-house lawyer for Historic Tours of America.

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