Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Real Key West

This is what I mean, this is why we want to come back. Its the kind of thing that Key West, the Real Key West, does so very, very well.

We only heard Coffee Butler play once, and it was during a very trying night at the Hukilau, our first visit there. There were very few patrons, and most of them were gathered around the piano where Coffee was playing. We, on the other hand, had come in to have something to eat. There was apparently very few staff either. After a too-long wait to be greeted and seated, we were finally put at a table -- and then ignored for a long time. Anyway, long story short, we wound up leaving without eating, leaving only enough on the table to cover the drinks that we did manage to get. I wasn't suprised at all when I heard of the Hukilau's demise.

Oh, if we had only been able to be at SWB for this night. It's the kind of thing that the Real Key West does so well, a party, a celebration, and wonderful music to enjoy it by. Schooner Wharf seems to do it better than most. Way to go, Evelena! Congratulations, Frank, for winning the chicken thing.

19 days.

The moving sale ends on Sunday, but almost everything we're selling is gone. There's only one large piece left, the flowered love seat, and a few smaller items. Janet's running an ad for this weekend and the selling is then done. We're watching our daughter's dog at her house while she and her family are on a Caribbean cruise this week, so we'll use her Jeep to move some of the things we'll be storing with them.

My sister is having a "going away" party for us on Sunday. I talked to her this morning and she asked how it felt to have rid ourselves of so much of our material wealth. The word I came up with to describe it was "lighten-ing".

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