Friday, April 16, 2004

Thirty Days

Its now (officially) thirty days left until we leave New Hampshire for Key West. The countdown clock on my desktop reads 30:23:01. Some -- not you, of course, but some -- might argue that's really 31 days. No need to quibble. Thirty days it is.

We went to "our" auction last night. It wasn't really ours, but we were selling a variety of items in it. Its the first step in a series of sales we'll be conducting over the next two weeks. Tomorrow is the yard sale. The ad is in the paper today and tomorrow, and Janet's been talking it up at work. She snagged a few new possible attendees at the auction hall.

The moving sale begins on the 23rd and will run until May 2, unless we've sold everything sooner than that. Some of the larger items are already gone: the six pieces of wicker wrought iron furniture go out today. A couple retiring soon to the coast of Maine bought it all, along with the faux-wicker table and chairs that used to be on our patio in KW and now grace the porch at this apartment. Someone Janet works with bought the dining room set. The only big items left are the love seat in the living room and the twin beds in our bedroom.

The auction was, from our perspective, successful. Everything is gone and we don't have to worry about it anymore. We'll have a few hundred more dollars to add to the kitty. We've been stashing the income from our eBay auctions, and other miscellaneous income like Bob's teaching and consulting fees. We're figuring on having to stay in temporary lodgings for up to two months while we explore houseboats and landside rentals. The sooner we can get settled into something more permanent, the more of that money will be available for other things. (Like nights out at Schooner Wharf.)

We did this once before, in 1996, in Pennsylvania. Sold what we thought then was about 80% of everything we had -- and came back here to NH in a fourteen foot rent-a-truck loaded with more than 50 boxes of "stuff" and several pieces of furniture. We kept that in our daughter's cellar while we went to Ireland, then moved it to a storage location where most of it remained for the next three years, while we were in Key West. It's liberating to see that we'll get it down to a dozen or so boxes that'll store easily (thanks again, Betty and Lee) plus what we can carry in the Toyota.

As Rockin Jake would say: "Its All Good"

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