Monday, May 31, 2004

A Quiet Memorial Day

Janet went out this morning to do some shopping on Roosevelt Boulevard. Shopping is a kind of sport for her anyway. She loves saving with coupons, and wishes that the stores here had triple coupon promotions like they did in NH.

She told me that everything is more expensive here, much as we expected it to be.

I spent a part of the morning putting snail traps in the garden here, then cleaning up in front of the house, trimming the asparagus ferns and making room for the flowering shrub (which I haven't identified) set between them.

David is heading north tonight to meet John in Michigan. They're driving back down here in a week or so, and making stops along the way, so we'll be in sole possession of their apartment -- well, except for Lucy, their 15-year old greyhound, and Maggie, our 12 year old mostly Scottie mutt.

We're meeting Sharon tonight at SWB for the Reggae Party. Janet's been looking forward to reggae at SWB for a long time and, even if she can't get up and dance with her sore leg, she still wants go go. This'll be about the fourth time we've been out somewhere since last Monday. We try to be frugal, but the temptations to food and beverages are most alluring.

We discovered that two of the lads we knew from Finnegan's, Barry and Peter from Co. Cork, have opened a place of their own , Shanna Key, in the location of the old Our Place restaurant at the corner of Flagler and Bertha, not far from the Southernmost Skating Rink. The boys did a great job in cleaning up the bar, which had become somewhat dingy. We were there on Saturday night for dinner (try the Battered Burger) and some music from a trio of family members from somewhere up north. They played some Irish and some other, all with great energy. We were surprised and pleased to meet up with Bob & Michelle, formerly of New Jersey, who we got to know just a little when we were getting ready to leave KW the last time.

So with that and the two visits to Schooner Wharf, we've dropped a nearly couple of hundred dollars just in meals and bar tabs. We'll either have to cut back or get jobs soon. In fact, Janet had an interview last week that looks like it will turn into a job offer soon, and I'm scouring the classifieds and some of the local government web sites. David made some inquiries for me to a friend in the Monroe County School District about adult education programs, but I have a pretty good handle on that already. I also went at 5:00 out to FKCC on Stock Island and checked into the kinds of programs they offer there.

Time now to shower and get ready for the meeting of The Alice Foundation at the Green Parrot at 5:00, then back here for rice & beans, and back to SWB for the reggae. It's exhausting I tell you.

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