Tuesday, June 22, 2004


We've been kinda busy lately. Lest I lose the momentum built up over the past two weeks, here are some random comments about what's been going on.

? We're moving into our new/old apartment on Thursday. We've taken a room at the Key Lodge Motel at the corner of Duval and Truman for a couple of days, as John and David have visitors from out of town arriving today. They've been great to us since we got back, saving us a couple of thousand dollars in lodging fees that we'd otherwise have to have spent.

? Janet is into her second week of work at the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. She's liking the job and looking forward to getting a regular schedule and full-time in the near future.

? We heard a really good band at Schooner Wharf on Thursday -- Buffalo Strange is the name. They're a Dead-like, Phish-like band, and had the crowd up and dancing big time. Later that same night, we went by the Parrot to hear Smokin' Joe Kubek laying it down and funking it up. Friends Sharon and Phil were with us. It was a fun night.

? Friday was the coast-to-coast Conga Line, and event of the Cuban-American Heritage Festival, mixed up with the Chicken Fest which is running in parallel. Janet and Sharon joined in while I watched from the sidelines. An unexpected pleasure: we ran into old friends Steve and Dawn, down from Treasure Island near St. Pete for a friend's birthday.

? We were in town for less than a month and Janet's picture is on Page 1 of the Citizen Saturday, just in back of the lead dancers of the Conga line. See it here.

? An editorial this morning in the Citizen has some things to say about Duval St. and T-shirt shops.

? More later, gotta run.

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