Thursday, June 03, 2004

Where's the gecko?

Our dog, Maggie, a mostly-Scotty terrier, lived here with us the last time we were here. She's 12 years old, still in pretty good health, despite losing some teeth and possibly having cataracts.

Maggie learned to find and watch geckos. She doesn't even try to catch them anymore. Now, all we have to do is say "where's the gecko" and she goes into full-point position, front leg cocked back, tail straight out, and head swiveling to see where the gecko is. She'll then dart about, looking for one to observe. Terriers have a great sense of smell, more I think than some other breeds. So we don't know if she's seeing geckos or merely smelling them. Either way, if she spots one, she'll watch if for minutes on end until it moves on.

The patio here, where we're staying, is lushly-tropical, with a turtle pond and a goldfish pond, two large coconut palms, a coral-walled raised garden area with asparagus fern borders and a nice shrub between the coral wall and the high wooden fence that surrounds the entire back of the property. There are gaden lights spread throughout the yard, as well as a watering system that is supposed to operate on a timer -- but doesn't.

The yard next store has a mango tree that drops about a quarter of its fruit into the yard here. The first one came down this morning, ripe and red-yellow. Janet's going to make a mango sauce of some type for our low-carb ice cream. I need to look up a recipe after I'm finished here.

We've been cleaning the patio and finally finished this morning. Janet cut back the ferns so the coral wall is visible, and we've cleaned out other dead foliage, watered everything, and swept it all up and disposed of it. This morning, I cut down five large coconuts from the coconut palms so they wouldn't fall on any of the statues and pots that are spread throughout the patio.

We got cell-phone service yesterday. We've been without a phone of our own since May 28th when our NH service ended. We chose Sprint for cell service, and took the "free" phone that is included with the basic level of service, 300 minutes a month and unlimited night and weekend calling. We paid $5 a month extra in order to have the night service period start at 7:00 PM instead of 9:00 o'clock.

We chose to go with cell-only service two years ago, and haven't really missed having a land-line. We used Comcast Cable as our internet service provider. We limited our daytime use of the phone to only necessary calls, and used the night and weekend minutes to talk to family and friends. We exceeded the monthy limit of 250 minutes only once during the nineteen months we had it, and even avoided having to pay the $175 fee for early termination of the two-year contract.

It's back to Schooner Wharf tonight for dinner, drinks, and music by the Unpaid Bartabs and Lisa Sato. Lisa promised me a copy of her CD, recorded at Little Palm island last year.

There's lots of stuff going on in our lives, but nothing that we can't handle. Life is good.

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