Thursday, June 17, 2004

You CAN Go Home Again

Thomas Wolfe (?) said,"You can't go home again ". He was wrong. Not only did we come home to Key West, but we'll be moving in soon to the same apartment in Bahama Village that we left 25 months ago.

The young couple who have been living there for about nine months are buying a little condo on South St. (for $400,000 plus), so we're going to sublet it from them for the remaining three months of their lease, then we'll lease it from our former landlords and current congenial hosts. The apartment has been fixed up some since we left. There's a new roof, the old French doors have been replaced with new, full-light, insulated French doors, and there's a washer/dryer combo in the kitchen. We'll have a large living room/dining room combo, two bedrooms, kitchen and bath, as well as a nice patio with a garden for Janet to make her magic on.

To make things even better, the couple are going to leave us a number of pieces of furniture -- twin beds, a sectional couch, dinette set, desk, etc. -- because the place they're buying is furnished and they have no room there for what they have here. Since we sold all of our furniture back in NH, we'll be able to put anything they leave for us to very good use.

Sure, the rent has gone up by a couple of hundred dollars since 2002, but, as then, it includes everything but electricity and phone. We get water & sewer, gas (for cooking), trash pickup, and cable TV, all included in the $1400/month rent. We wouldn't have found anything else as nice at anything close to that price.

Good deal. We're happy.

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