Saturday, July 31, 2004

Don't Let the Rain Come Down -- NOT!

It began to darken up a half hour ago. Now the rain is falling heavily. I'm glad I got to the Coffee Plantation earlier, as I'd be stuck at home for a while. It's Saturday, Janet is working, and I've finished all my "must dos" for the day.

It has rained nearly every day this week, the result of some tropical stirrings in the Caribbean. As is almost always the case, it'll rain for an hour or two then the skies will clear again. By then, of course, my bicycle seat will be thoroughly soaked and I'll need to walk the bike home. Two blocks. No big deal.

We went to the opening reception of a show of Kate Peachey's painting and sculpture at her "Kate's Gallery" on Eaton St. Katie is a very talented artist, with a very unique and recognizable style. We arrived at around 6:30 and found a small crowd there already, a crowd that would grow quite a bit larger as the evening wore on.

We bought our first Peachey painting, a small, whimsical sun and moon, at a benefit auction several years ago, before we knew Kate and Carl well, and have kept it on display ever since. It's in New Hampshire at the moment, with the rest of the stuff we have identified as things that we'll have sent down when we're ready.

Little Boy Flowers was with us. We had a math lesson earlier in the afternoon. He expressed an interest in going, and we invited him to come along. Little Boy played keyboards and piano at Schooner Wharf with Carl Peachey (and Bubba and Sammy) when he was nine, and ten, and eleven years old, so it was fun for him to see and be able to talk to the Peachey's and others he knew.

Later, after bringing LB back to our house to collect his bicycle, we moved on to Schooner Wharf for another night of good music by Moose and the Bulletproof Blues Band, featuring Carl Wagner on guitar and Pete Peterson on keyboards. Moose ties together a good band wherever he goes, and he does it exceptionally when here in KW. I hear that Caffeine Carl (Wagner) is or has been doing some touring with Moose, a good move for Carl, as it gives him exposure to and from musicians and fans from somewhere other than here. Carl grew up in Key West, on Eaton St., and pursued his music while working for the City Public Works Department. His guitar work is fiery and creative, a marvel to watch and listen to.

Our friend Phil was at SWB, so we sat with him at one of the covered tables. A couple of Janet's co-workers showed up with friends from Ohio, on a walkabout from Pepe's to Captain Tony's. We sat and talked with them for a while, watched Magic Frank for a few minutes, then headed for home at around 9:30. All in all, not a bad Friday night.

As I finish this post, the rain is letting up already and we should soon have the sun back, at least for a while.

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