Monday, July 26, 2004

Links Added back

I've added back the "Links" section that I used to have on this page. They're over there on the right. Here's a quick recap.

Key West Citizen

My main source of news about Key West. Publishes daily and Sunday. Good coverage on-line. News, letters, Citizens' Voice, Crime Report, Commentary, classified ads.

Its Only Key West

A message board populated by people who love Key West, whether they live here or not. Very eclectic, almost 500 members and unregistered lurkers.

Key West Coffee Plantation

This is my hang-out when I need to be on the internet. Offers free wireless internet access, paid internet access on their computers, and a nice selection of coffees, smoothies, and other drinks, as well as lots of Key West goodies. The freshest bagels in Old Town, picked up warm each morning from the bakery.

Schooner Wharf Bar

Simply, one of the two best bars in Key West. "A Little Bit of Old Key West." On the Key West Bight. Music seven days and nights. Good food cheap. Michael McCloud is a Key West institution. Claims to know just 22 songs, but in fact knows a few more than that.

Talking Points Memo

Josh Marshall comments frequently throughout the day on matters of political import. Decidely liberal. His comments are intelligent, and well written.

Moore's Lore

As Josh Marshall keeps an eye on political matters and informs me about what might be important, Dana Blankenhorn watches technology and does the same.

What are your favorite links?

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