Thursday, August 12, 2004

Live, From Schooner Wharf .... (part deux)

Mmm, good lunch. I had a BLT piled high with crisp bacon, just the way I like it. Janet had nachos with bean and cheese dip. I'm working on my second Mich Ultra. Michael is singing Georgia on My Mind. Janet just wandered off to talk with Mary Anne.

I'm looking out over the Bight, looking for signs of any extraordinary preparations for the coming storm. I don't see anything that I can recognize as extraordinary. Directly opposite are the PT 728, the Black Duck, Know Trouble, and the Compass Rose. Capt. Carl Peachey's Island Belle is at the next pier to the left. I'm noticing that Capt. Walt's new boat is not at the dock, and that the America is missing from its usual spot to the right. The Western Union is in its usual spot. I don't think I've seen the Appledore here since we got back, though I'm not sure. It looks as thought the Sebago fleet is away from the dock, whether out on snorkeling runs or gone to safe harbors, I don't know.

Vicki, Bob and Mitzi are behind the bar. Laura and Angie are serving tables. It seems like a very normal day, except for the obvious lack of tourists on the boardwalk.

I have a math lesson with Little Boy at 4 this afternoon. He just called to ask me to bring one of the Carl Hiaasen books he loaned me to the lesson so that his Mom, Dottie, can read one as they ride out the storm at the Hilton tonight. Dottie works for a company that supplies and services cash registers to bars and restaurants. The Hilton comped them a room for tonight so that she'd be there in case the electricity goes out and be able to bring the registers back on line as soon as possible.

I see Capt. Walt on the dock, so I'm going to talk to him. Back in a while.

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