Sunday, August 08, 2004

Live, From Schooner Wharf ....

... it's the Battle of the Bars. I'm blogging live from Schooner Wharf at 1:30 Sunday afternoon, where the Battle of the Bars is just getting underway. Last year's champions, TK Trouble from Turtle Kralls is up to defend their crown. The problem is that I can't get close enough to the arena -- a roped-off section of Lazy Way -- to see what's going on. Fortunately, Comcastg is narrow- casting the competition to in-house TV's. Unfortunately, the big screen TV behind me is washed-out in the light and I can't see anything that's going on.

I can hear the commentary from out back. I've never been to the Battle of the Bars before. Janet saw it a few years ago, but I was working. Today, she's working, and I decided to drop in to see what it's all about. The Battle is an annual event, a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monroe County. Teams from many of the bars in the southernmost city compete in events like margarita-making, drink-delivering, and other server pursuits, some of which involve actually drinking the libations they prepare.

The teams dress up in colorful costumes (I've seen Native American costumes), and performance tends to go downhill after an hour or so. Bribery of the judge (today it's Mayor Weekley) is an acceptable practice.

I'm going to post this, then wander outside to see if I can get a closer look and maybe even a few pictures.

I might be back

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