Thursday, August 12, 2004

Live, From Schooner Wharf ....

It's the day before hurricane Charley. Janet has the day off from work, and we came here to have lunch and to see what's going on. It's a beautiful day, hot, humid, sunny. The town is quiet and there are hurricane shutters and plywood going up everywhere. We're pretty much ready for Charley, which (who?) is just now coming on to the coast of Cuba. The prediction is for it to arrive at Key West around two in the morning, and to be gone by Saturday.

It's kind of nice being this quiet in town. Tourists were ordered to leave yesterday afternoon and most of them did. Janet tells me that Greyhound is running buses this afternoon and evening from Key West to Miami for any tourists who haven't left alreadyand who don't have their own transportation.

Michael McCloud is just beginning his next set and, as I expected, he leads off with the Hurricane Song, a song that he wrote a few years ago. "Another hurricane season has just come and gone, another good reason to sing another song." "There's nothing to fear but the hurrican blow."

We plan on coming back to SWB tonight for the Unpaid Bar Tabs w/ Lisa Sato. The city has ordered the bars to close at ten tonight, so it'll be a brief session. It's good being here, a great way to wait for a hurricane to make landfall.

Well, Laura has just brought our lunches, so I'll finish up on this post. I might be back.

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