Saturday, August 07, 2004

Newspapers in KW

There are five -- no, six -- newspapers in this little town, as well as limited coverage by the Miami Herald. There's a daily, the Key West Citizen; a bi-weekly, the Keynoter, a property of the Herald but with its own staff. It publishes on Wednesday and Saturday; and a semi-weekly, Celebrate, which is the GBLT paper.

In addition, there are five (or maybe four now) weeklies. Key West the Newspaper (the Blue Paper) and the Key West City Paper are both independently owned. The Blue Paper is crusading, covering issues with a good deal of invective against the "powers that be". Its owner and publisher, Dennis Reeves Cooper, is the person who was arrested by a former police chief for publishing a story about the police department, a while back. His lawsuit against the city, backed by the American Civil Liberties Union, is still in litigation.

The City Paper is new since we left here over two years ago. I do enjoy it and they seem to be doing well circulation-wise. I was pleased to see that Eric Larsen, who I enjoyed when he wrote for another paper a while back, is a regular at the City Paper. Michael Haskins, who used to cover business for the Key West Citizen, now does the same for the City Paper while, at the same time, handling public affairs for the City of Key West.

Two of the other weeklies are properties Cook Publishing Co., owners of the Key West Citizen and several other media properties in the Keys. Paradise, an entertainment weekly, is distributed with Thursday's Citizen and covers the arts and entertainment, with schedules for music, galleries, festivals, and just about everything else that's happening in the city in the coming week. Link NameSolares Hill is the high-brow paper in town. Its best features are the ruminations of David Ethridge, its editor, and Mark Howell, long-time Senior Writer, but there's a lot else to commend it, including book reviews and other writings by Rosalind Brackenbury, a many-time published author and long time Key West resident.

There was, briefly, when we arrived, a paper called The Key West Weekly, but I haven't seen it again since June. Maybe operating it out of Marathon wasn't a real good idea

Not too shabby a line-up for a city of about 27,000.

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