Thursday, August 05, 2004

A Night on the Town

We went out on Tuesday night to help our friend Sharon celebrate her birthday. Janet and I, Phil, a mutual friend, and Sharon went to Shanna Key for dinner, grouper for Janet and roast beef for the rest of us. The meal was good (no surprise there), and we topped it off with a bottle of Mumm's champagne, provided by Barry, the congenial owner of Shanna Key.

Barry went through a rough patch about a month ago. Shanna Key, "The Suothernmost Irish Pub in the USA) is quite new in town, opening only this past Spring after a lot of money and sweat investment by Barry, his brother Peter (known collectively as "the lads"), and a bunch of their friends who pitched in to clean, paint, and move furniture. Last month, in the space of a few days, someone stole a ' purse from behind the bar, a day or two later, $8000 disappeared from the office after closing, and then to top it off, another day or two later, someone walked in, picked up an music amplifier worth a few hundred dollars and disappeared with it. Barry seems to have a calmed down a bit, but he's still ripping inside over it all.

Leaving Shanna Key about 9:30, we set off for Virgilio's where, it was reported, a swing band would be playing. It turned out to be the League of Crafty Musicians, led by drummer Skipper Kripitz and featuring some of the really talented jazz musicians in this town. They weren't playing swing and didn't during the hour or so that we stayed. They did play some very mellow jazz on trombone, trumpet, and guitar. A singer from the Paradise Big band joined in for a medley of vocals. Virgilio's hosts this sort of thing fairly often, and well. It's a good venue for jazz.

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Any comments on the latest "Pollytickle"in Key West as in the quarter man.He should be on O'Riley.
It just tickles me.
One for the Quarter Man.

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