Wednesday, September 08, 2004

At the Plantation

I'm at the Coffee Plantation, surrounded by Macintosh laptops -- iBooks, just like the one I have. There's a cruise ship in today, and a couple of crew are here using their iBooks to do whatever it is that they do while they're in port. The two of them were talking about the new Apple iMac G5, so I had the opportunity to show Theo what it looks like. He began watching the video, but got interrupted by customers coming in.

We were looking at photos earlier of Key West in the old days. Theo showed me the photo of this building from 1930, and I showed him, in the same picture, our house as it was then. You can see in the photo that where we live now was then a garage attached to the main building, and it appears that the main bulding is at least a floor shorter than it is now.

Key West was certainly a different place in those days. The main shot is from the corner of Truman and Duval, looking up Duval St. towards Mallory Square. Duval shows little evidence of the commercial nature it has today.

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