Monday, September 13, 2004

Feeder Bands

Monday, 8:10 AM

We're under a so-called feeder band from Ivan. The rain just began and is coming down heavy. Janet left about thirty minutes ago to check on Joel & Mike's birds, and to see if she can find a cup of coffee somewhere.

We went to Salsa Loca for dinner last night. I tried the Chicken Mole Poblano, while Janet had her usual #11 combination. We then drove out to Higgs Beach and sat out on the pier there to watch the sunset. We took folding chairs, I had Tom Clancy's The Bear and the Dragon with me, and we spent about ninety minutes there until the sun went under the the buildings on the horizon. The winds were kicking up pretty good, I'd guess 30-35 knots, but it was a nice place to sit. There were a few other people out there, some just to see the water which was rolling in on small swells and barely-breakers.

The resident evacuation order was lifted at eight AM today, although it is still in effect for tourists. Apparently, there is no one enforcing the order at the top of the Keys, and reports have it that some residents were already coming back yesterday.

Janet expects to get back to work later in the week. She worked one day in last week's pay cycle, so we'll be short four days of pay, but considering what it would have cost us to spend four or five days on the road, living in motels and eating out, we figure we're ahead financially by staying here.

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