Saturday, September 11, 2004

Live, From Schooner Wharf .... once again

What a gorgeous day it is from where we now sit! I'm looking out on the Key West Bight. The edge of the boardwalk is about 10 feet away. There are many fewer boats here than usual. The Sebago catamaran remains, Carl Peachey's Island Belle, the Black Duck, PT728, and the Western Union. The Schooner America is gone, but probably just down to Conch Harbor Marina where it was docked for Charley and Francis. There's about a 10 knot breeze coming in off of the Bight.

We went to the Boulevard looking for somewhere to get milk and other staples. Wonder of wonders, Winn Dixie was open (and doing good business). I heard someone say inside that both Albertson's and Publix are closed. Almost everything else along the Boulevard is closed and boarded up.

Here at the Wharf, there are a couple of dozen people in the bar, all talking about the same thing, mostly. (Can you guess?)

I just had a conversation with "Ron, Ron, the Atom Bomb". He's from West Virginia, and came down for the weekend -- 15 years ago. He started off by telling me that hurricanes mean you can lose a lot of money -- or make a lot of money. He's been hiring himself out to put up plywood, says he making about $40 an hour. I guess "a lot of money" can be a relative term, but more power to him.

My brother Tom called from Massachusetts while we were on our way over here. He says its one of the perfect Fall days back in New England. He even saw an orange and red leaf. "Tell me again, Tom", I said, "what's that season that comes after Fall"? I remembered that there is one, but I forgot the name. Starts with a "W", I believe.

More later.

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