Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Raven Cooper

Raven Cooper
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I heard about Raven a couple of years ago. Friends sent me a demo CD with five songs, and I liked her voice right away.

When it was announced that she'd be appearing in the daytime slot at Schooner Wharf on Mondays (in the Michael McCloud time slot), we decided to go and see for ourselves if she was as good as the CD. She was better. We listened to her for three hours while we drank, ate, drank some more, and chatted with friends.

I went up to introduce myself, told her how I knew about her, and how much we enjoyed her set. She handed me a copy of her new demo CD, now with 14 songs on it. I've been listening to it a lot lately, and am really enjoying it.

Raven is something like 23 years old now. She was born and raised in Arkansas, and has lived in Rhode Island and in Maine.

We;ll be going back for more, and hope to catch her in other venues too.


-A said...

My husband and I went to Key West two years ago and saw Raven performing in Mallory Square. We purchased a CD and have listened to it over and over again. We cannot get enough of her beautiful voice! The world should all be able to hear Raven Cooper sing.

Anonymous said...

Raven Cooper ditched my wedding reception and still cashed my deposit check.... low life white trash

Anonymous said...

We heard Raven sing as a guest singer at the Green Parrot on a Sunday after noon February 15, 2009. She has an awesome voice! We are so impressed, wished we'd taken the opportunity to speak to her and encourage her. We got a copy of one of her CD's and have been listening ever since.

Jim & Kara

Liane Daigle said...
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Anonymous said...

We had an opportunity to sit and listen to Raven and "Caffine" Carl perform at Schooners Warf, while we were on vacation in Key West, a couple of days ago. I think Raven and Carl have alot to offer the music industry. They have great chemistry when they're playing guitars, singing or just joking around on stage. Her voice is raspy, a combo of: Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raite and Rosanne Cash... she has an excellent voice and she's pretty darn flexible when it comes to mimicking other singers. She has the ability to mimick just about anybody, even Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. "Caffine" Carl has a really good voice as well and that guy can play the guitar like nobodys business. Somebody needs to hook these two up with the right connection. It would be a shame to let such talent go to waste and un-noticed. They also need to get a FaceBook too, to get a following started... especially from the people who just came back from the Keys, and had a chance to experience them in action. Just sayin'...

Sandi said...

Raven Cooper is one of the most talented women I have ever seen in my life. I had the great opportunity to stumble into the Schooner Wharf one day on vacation in Key West, and I was so amazed at her performance. She made it look so effortless and easy, truly a natural talent. I hope she recieves the fame that she deserves.

Anonymous said...

I met Raven at Sloppy Joe's last week, while on vacation in K.W. with my wife and daughter. We were watching The Doerfels, a fantastic family band, when Raven came over and sat with us. She had on a hat that made her look like a cat or groundhog, or something. She asked if we could hide her from some friends of hers who were trying to make her drink more. I thought she was some barfly until she purred Billie Holliday and rumbled Johnny Cash in my ear. I was amazed. We went to see her perform at Schooner's a couple of times before we left and became total Raven Groupies. I bought all five of her CDs. If you have a chance, don't miss her performance. She's awesome!! Check her out on YouTube.
--Will, Francine and Katie

Anonymous said...

I got the chance to see Raven on my vacation in Key West. She was wonderful, so talented. Not just her soulful sound, but also her personality that is part of the show. I actually got to sit in with her and play guitar at 2 different places. Was magical for me. I hope to get the chance to see her again.

Jeff Curry

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