Sunday, September 12, 2004

Stories from away

A number of our friends evacuated for Ivan, probably more than who stayed, and we're getting some news from some of them.

Red and Little Boy went to Tampa, in part so that Red could be sure to get dialysis every couple of days. Dottie ("a survivor", says Red) stayed here and is managing Harpoon Harry's while Ron is away in Michigan. As far as we can tell, Harry's is the ONLY place in Key West serving breakfast, and they're one of the few serving lunch.

Little Boy called this morning from Busch Gardens, where he was clearly having a blast. I could hear the excitement in his voice. He's already looking forward to going back tomorrow, since he can get in for another $10.95 instead of the full rate that he paid today, probably $54 unless he got some kind of a discount pass before going there. I told Little Boy to get his batteries recharged, 'cause we'll need to get back to work on his GED science studies, and he'll need to get back into his piano practice, once they return. Red has an appointment with the Transplant Center at Tampa General Hospital on Wednesday. That's a whole other story I won't go into here.

Joel and Mike went to Minnesota to be with Joel's family. We haven't talked to them, though Janet left a message for them to call, to see if they want us to restore their electric service before they come back. She went there this morning to check on their bird.

Phil went to Homestead as far as we know, and we haven't heard anything from him. Sharon has been in NY and OH for the past couple of weeks. She planned to come back Monday, but I doubt the airport will be open tomorrow. Maybe Tuesday.

It's hard for us to know who is here and who isn't, unless we happen to run into them, or hear from them. We called a friend, Tracy, who we know during our previous residence here, and who also left KW for a while and returned about a month after we did. He's living off of Riveria Drive, back by the airport, in a house with a spectacular garden behind it, full of brick walks, ponds, gazebos, a riot of tropical plants -- and a hot tub in the middle of it all. We'll be seeing him and his girlfriend Stephanie again real soon.

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