Sunday, September 12, 2004

Talk of the Town

Key West gets its share of celebrity visitors. In fact, it probably gets more than its share. The celebrity of the moment is Geraldo Rivera, who is here covering the so-far, mostly non-event of Ivan for Fox News. There have been occasional sightings. Diane from the Coffee Plantation reported yesterday that he was at the Top of La Concha, but when we got there, there was no one around, only a bunch of computers and camera gear.

I went to Sippin' a short time ago to get coffee, and asked Donna, kiddingly, if Geraldo had been in this morning. "No", she said, "he hasn't, but one of his staff has been in several times to get lots of coffees and pastries. He's a young guy and very nice."

"That's what I need", I said, "a staff. It would make life much easier. Sounds like a fun job."

Our daughter, Betty called last night to ask if we were watching Fox News. When I said no, she told us that Geraldo was reporting live from atop the La Concha, and that he had run some tape taken earlier in the evening at Schooner Wharf, where there was a band of locals playing to the sparse crowd that was there.

I wonder what he's doing this morning.

Reporting from Key West, this is Bob Kelly, signing off.

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