Saturday, September 04, 2004

We dodged the bullet

Frances passed us by and everyone is quite relieved about it here. Evacuation from Monroe County is difficult and risky, but not as risky as standing in the eye of a cat 3, 4, or 5 storm. Our airport is full of private planes that flew here to avoid the hurricane. Our harbors are full of big boats that floated in for the same reason. We're beginning to see the bands of rain that show up on the radar images being shown on the Weather Channel, and on all of the local (Miami) channels that constitute the local TV we can get here.

Bob's brother Marty and his wife live in the Melbourne area and he and his wife are hunkering down in their well-built home there. I'll bet that they're sweating the Florida room screens though. Their son, Kevin, and his family live in Destin on the of the eye slowed down. Landfall of the eye is now predicted for about 2 AM tomorrow, Sunday.

It's been a very active season so far, and there are still months to go before it ends. If we do have to evacuate, we have Maggie the dog to consider, so we'll have to go to a hotel somewhere that accepts pets and hope not to get ripped off. There are many reportsof that happening during Frances and in earlier 'canes.

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