Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Wednesday Update

9/15/04; 3:45 PM

I'm back at the Coffee Plantation. It's a sunny day, a bit on the warm side, and the humidity has returned. Janet goes back to work tomorrow, and so do I, on the Chicken Lady's iBook. We've agreed on a plan to upgrade her three Macs with more memory, to install a wireless network, to upgrade her software to the latest version on all computers, and to bring in high-speed cable internet.

Janet had an interview today at Albertson's supermarket on Roosevelt Boulevard that went well. She's considering making that change mainly because of the benefits package. At the Butterfly Conservatory, benefits are minimal and don't include a health insurance plan. As much as she loves her job at the Conservatory, we'll be much more secure financially with a good health insurance package for her, and will get other benefits that the Conservatory just can't match.

The annual Poker Run is on for this weekend, and many are hoping that there'll be several thousand motorcycles in town from Friday to Sunday, to kick start the tourism engine. During all of the pre-hurricane activity and the evacuation for Ivan, organizers decided to postpone Womenfest until the weekend of October 8.

We keep a watchful on hurricane Jeanne, but it doesn't look as though it's going to be a problem for us, though it might have some further impact on cruise ships. That could go either way for Key West, keeping ships from coming in, or bringing in more ships as they avoid the eastern Atlantic.

David & John got back from Michigan sometime this morning. I imagine that they are tired, having driven straight through with no overnight stops. I imagine they are relieved that there was no damage for them to deal with, as well as frustrated over having prepared the house for what amounted to "nothing". Better safe than sorry? Couldn't prove it by us.

Now that I have some sort of rhythm going here, I'll see if I can't return to my original intent, explaining what it is about KW that makes it so magical for us.

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