Friday, September 10, 2004

We're Staying

It's been quite a couple of days. Two days ago, as I wrote then, we were making evacuation plans to an uncertain place for an uncertain length of time. The afternoon I wrote that, we got a call from Veronique at the Butterfly Conservatory. She told us that Sam & George were opening the Conservatory to employees and their families if they want to stay there for the duration of the storm. She explained that Sam & George were staying with their two Irish Setters, and that the building was erected just two years ago to a design that will withstand a Force 5 hurricane. It's equipped with a generator capable of supplying power enough to operate all building systems for some duration. There are cooking facilities and toilet facilities, ample enough for a small group. Those staying must provide their own bedding. Pets are welcome, but must be in a portable kennel of some sort. Maggie won't like that much. She's already nervous, probably sensing as only animals can that the hurricane is coming. We'll watch them -- the animals -- for clues.

It appears that about twelve people (hardy souls all), have accepted the invitation, and we decided to be among them. I believe, as does Janet, that we will be safe. Nevertheless, we plan to go to the Grotto this afternoon to light a couple of candles. And pray together for everyone's safety.

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