Saturday, October 23, 2004

Back at the Plantation

It's just after 11:00 AM. I'm at the Plantation having my third cup of coffee of the day. A half hour ago, a bunch of police and sheriff's deputies were in for coffee to take out onto the streets. I'm noticing several different uniforms: the storm trooper look, dark blue with long sleeves and long pants, lots of "gear" on their belts; a more casual look, shorts, short sleeve white shirts; the brown deputies' outfits that sets them apart from the others. I imagine there'll be lots of overtime racked up this next week, and plenty of shifts for the part-timers, the auxiliaries.

There was a lot of turnover in the police department while we were away, most notably a replacement for the former Chief of Police, a man with the improbable name "Buz" Dillon, under who's watch the city got involved in a variety of legal problems, including a suit by the ACLU that is still pending.

I'm going to work the BVMP booth from 3:30 until 6 today. Later, Theo and Diane might come to spend the night at our place so that Diane can go to 801 Bourbon with Janet, Nancy and their friends.

We walked Petronia St. together yesterday evening, had a delicious giro from the Sparta Greek Restaurant stand near the corner of Duval and Petronia, washed those down with a couple of Coors Lights ($2 each or 2 for $3), met up with Barry from Shanna Key and his parents who are in from Co. Cork for a three week stay. We met him, Edmund, the father a few years ago, when he and Janet sang a duet of Danny Boy on the stage at Irish Kevin's. We talked with Bob (of Bob and Michelle, whom none of you know) for a while. They've decided to pull up stakes from here after a little more than two years, cash in on the house that they bought then, and move to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Talk about a change in climate and lifestyle.

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