Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Goombay Festival

Citizens' Voice of the Day #1:

"Red Sox fans are believers. They believe in things they do not understand. The Red Sox will never win."

Citizens' Voice of the Day #2

"My high speed was 107 on the boulevard, but that was a motorcycle and I don't know if that counts."

Its a nice morning. I did my housework, took the trash out, and saw a tourist on the sidewalk taking videos of the Lighthouse and other scenes of Truman Avenue. Michael called from the mortgage company to say that he's lost his wireless internet connection (that I installed a few weeks ago). I'm going to City Hall in a little while, so I'll stop in at Michael's to see what's going on.

It's almost Goombay -- begins at noon on Friday. I'll be working at the Bahama Village Music Program's booth on Petronia St. near the corner of Truman for a few hours on Friday. We're selling cookbooks and associated items like aprons and t-shirts, and water. The booth will be staffed by students, parents and board members. We would have preferred a spot a little closer to Whitehead St., but the foot traffic will be good for us in both directions, and we might get some of the cross traffic on Thomas.

Goombay is being run by a different organization this year, the Coral City Elks Lodge. In prior years it was a different organization, so there are likely to be some glitches.

I have to go now. For more information about Goombay Festival, click here.

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