Thursday, October 28, 2004

Here comes Fantasy Fest

Citizens Voice of the Day

"Working illegals pay no taxes, no Social Security. If you are working with one, you pay their share and you should be outraged. As should be those collecting Social Security."

Today, when Janet got home at about 7:30, we walked to Duval St. and had some pizza at Upper Crust, then went the three additional blocks down Duval St. to visit Sharon at her shop, French Kiss, near where we worked in the shoe store. The streets were crowded, and the police put up the barriers on Duval St. at about 8 PM, as the sidewalk crowds began to fill into the street. Large numbers were heading to Sloppy Joe's for the toga party there, and there were other costumes showing up (and showing off) as well. We stayed for about a half hour, talking to Sharon and Brett, then headed back home for the night.

Suspension of city ordinances is the norm for Fantasty Fest, and for many other events -- bike weeks, Parrotheads in Paradise, and others. The ordinance most often overlooked is the one that prohibits drinking alcoholic beverages on the streets. That ordinance is usually only enforced against "public nuisances", the homeless who live on the streets, who panhandle, sometimes aggressively, and who otherwise draw the attention of the enforcers of city law. The ordinance against loud music is mainly complaint driven, and code enforcement shows up on those occasions to caution the bvenue owner to turn down the amps. Key West ignores the public nudity ordinance (exposure of sexual organs, it's called, mainly during Fantasy Fest, because that's when it mainly occurs. The rest of the year, even body-painted individuals are most likely to be sent somewhere to cover up rather than being cited for a violation.

At this time of year, we prize our parking space in Bahama Village to the extent that we park the car somewhere in the morning, and leave it there until the following morning. When Janet is working, I drive her in then come back and park it again.
We're still coming down from the Red Sox high we got last night. What a game. What a series. What a team. We're happy for them, for all their fans, for all of our family who remained rabid fans through so many disappointments, and for ourselves. Thinks of it: New England, home of the champion Red Sox and Patriots. It boggles the mind.

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