Sunday, October 17, 2004

Interesting People

I told Sharon and Phil this morning about going to a writers' group meeting at the Coffee Plantation on Thursday. We were at Bayview Park with them for a couple of hours, enjoying the delightful morning we had today. The temps today are a little higher than yesterday, but we're still having nice breezes, blue skies and white clouds.

The yard sale went well enough yesterday, and we got to talk with a lot of nice people throughout the day. I had a longish chat with a die hard Yankee fan on the relative merits of our hometown teams, not just baseball, but all the major league sports we have in common. He allowed as how the Patriots might be able to beat his team, the Giants, but that the Red Sox would fall to the Yankees. It looks like he might be right. In the course of that talk, I discovered that last night's starting pitcher, Bronson Arroyo, was born right here in Key West, although he didn't still live here when he graduated high school..

I wasn't sure what to expect at the writers meeting -- this was a first session, and I had just heard about it earlier that same day. It wound up with me and six others, all females. I've observed over the years that it is women who seem to join such groups, more so than men do. I've taken a couple of previous writing courses here, one on screenwriting and the other on creative writing generally. I've also attended a couple of meetings of other writers' groups. In all cases, women outnumbered men by a substantial margin.

Anyway, I wanted to mention one of the women in particular, a woman named Tara, who self-identified as a PhD in early Indo-European languages (and who I later discovered speaks seventeen languages. She also said that she is a feminist and a Ghandian. She then went on to describe her creative work, an animated movie that features an androgynous female character, an alien from an advanced civilization. Tara is developing her characters with a very high-end graphics/animation package called Maya. It's a program that sells for between $2,000 and $7,000 a copy and demands a very fast processor. In fact, Maya is used by Pixar in creating their animated films, movies like Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and Finding Nemo. At this point in character development, all that exists are static photos, but Tara makes them interesting by placing the characters on backgrounds that are photos from the Hubble Space Telescope of a variety of galactic scenes. They are pretty stunning when seen in good printed copies.

So I guess I'll go back for the next weekly meeting and see how it all works out.

It is a feature of living in Key West that one runs into people like Tara, people who are living interesting lives doing interesting things. I love it.

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