Saturday, October 23, 2004

Key West Apartment - $225/month

Citizens Voice of the Day

"It's true, as a business owner I can't find any employees. I've had an ad running for weeks and nobody's responded. All my other employees I have replaced with less expensive Czech labor, and thankfully they live eight to an apartment. Otherwise, I don't have any flexibility. I can't raise prices any more because my customers won't pay more. I might have to close my doors because I can't find anyone to work it and it's too expensive to operate."

"Thankfully, they live eight to an apartment"? Well, there you go, an answer to the affordable housing problem, pack 'em in. David was telling me about his cleaning lady, a Polish woman in her 40's, who lives in an apartment with seven or eight other women, Polish, Russians, Czechs, Slovaks. She's been doing this for a dozen years, works in Key West for part of the year, sends money home to her husband and children in Gdansk where she owns a home, and thinks about starting a business there some day. Green cards? David didn't know, but chances are that not all of them have one. One sees these workers in many businesses here in Paradise, and for each one you see, there may be two or three others working behind the scenes, washing dishes, making beds, doing laundry, cleaning.

It would be interesting to learn the story-behind-the story on this. Let's see: $1800 a month divided by 8 equals about $225 a month. Hmm.

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