Friday, October 22, 2004

The Mavericks

I'm sitting in the Coffee Plantation, after walking Petronia St. for the first time to check things out. I'm here with Theo and P.M. Rick, and two members of the band The Mavericks out of Nashville. They've been playing at the Hog's Breath all week and will be there until Sunday night.

The booths are nearly all set up on Petronia St. (and a little bit on Thomas St.). There's a preponderance of food booths, and cooking is underway as of noon. I have the impression that most of the vendors are from out of town, people who follow the festival circuit all around, gypsies. But I could be wrong. One finds a large variety of ethnic styles, Filipino, Greek, Chinese, Mexican, Bahamian, Jamaican, etc., etc. The stage is set up at the end of Petronia St., on Emma, and facing back up Petronia. It's gonna be LOUD out there tonight. Sammy the Soundman brought a truckload of gear, including huge stacks of speakers. I forget who the bands are, but I guarantee you that by 10 o'clock, Petronia St. will be rocking at that end, with wall to wall people.

Red, Dottie, and Little Boy are moving to the Holiday Inn Beachside for the duration, as the stage is almost directly under their windows. The music is supposed to end at midnight, and it probably will, but the street party will most likely gone on until 4 AM. Red will be going in early in the morning for dialysis, and Dottie will be working, so staying at home won't work for them.

More later.

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