Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday Mornings

Citizens' Voice of the Day

"This is for the person comparing fish pooping in the ocean to dogs pooping in the park: I can't remember the last time I had a problem with fish poop sticking to my shoes as I was taking an underwater stroll."

Nice column by Mandy Bolen in the Citizen this morning. To a father of two daughters, it rang familiarly. We talked to both of the girls over the weekend, maninly to share some of the excitement of the Red Sox. We called before last night's game, before any of us knew that we'd be two games up after two games played. Good game last night. Schilling was definitely "on", and the bullpen took up the cause when it was time. Perhaps our boys of summer will become our boys of October. Sshhh! Don't risk invoking the Bambino's curse.

After Goombay on Friday and Saturday, Sunday was a very quiet day around here. However, as we were sitting in Bayview Park on Sunday morning, our discussion group was interrupted every two minutes or so by another plane on the glide path for the airport, and many of them were passenger planes bringing in another batch of Fantasy Fest visitors. Also, there are two cruise ships in today and we're seeing crowded trolleys and tour trains pass by on Whitehead St. from our vantage point at the Coffee Plantation.

Sharon has invited us, and Theo and Diane from the Plantation, to watch the period from in front of her store on Saturday night, and we'll probably do that. The 300 block of Duval St. is a great spot for parade watching, since the walkway is elevated above the sidewalk. The merchants there rope off the front and open it up to their friends, as we also used to do when we were in the shoe store there.

I've been sitting here for about a half-hour talking to P.M Rick (although he was here in the A.M. today). He's putting on the inaugural Nail Bangers contest at Don's place in November, a contest for carpenters with trophies, and a fund raiser for the Boys' and Girls' Club of Key West. Rick used to own the bait shop down at the Half Shell Raw bar, and is now semi-retired (like me), and dabbling in a variety of different things. He lived next door to us for a while, sold that place, and is rehabing another property a little further down on Truman, in the 200 block.

I'm off to Michael's mortgage company on Southard St. now, to see if I can figure out why his wireless internet connection is no longer working. Janet's off today, and we might do something later (she's shopping on Roosevelt Boulevard right now), so I may or may not be back.

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