Saturday, October 23, 2004

Nicaragua Living

One of the things that I do to amuse myself and waste time is read the e-mails that come in every day via the Nicaragua Living group at Yahoo, and via PuraMierda, another Yahoo group that focuses on Costa Rica. I wrote earlier this year and last year about how we came to be back in KW, and how I first explored both Costa Rica and Nicaragua (via the internet) as possible alternatives to KW. (The Nica Living web site link in the title is different from the Nicaragua Living Yahoo! group in this paragraph.)

We'll never have to make that decision, I'm pretty sure, but it appears to me that Nicaragua would be far more preferable for any one seeking a tropical retirement paradise. Costa Rica is in decline as a place for Residentes Pensionados or Residentes Rentistas, expatriates who've chosen to live there permanently, or at least for more than a few months. One can rather easily obtain permanent resident status, or simply leave and re-enter the country briefly to get a visa renewed.

Both groups have taken on a political look and feel over the past several months, especially the PuraMierda group where traffic peaked at around 600 messages a month in September. What I like about the Nicaragua newsgroup is that it is much less focused on individual economic opportunities for Residentes, and more on how Residentes can help the Nicaraguans to develop their own economy in the way they choose. Nicaland, they say, is at the stage where Costa Rica was 20 years ago. Nicaragua, they say, is at a state of equilibrium between the Sandanistas and the Contras of the 1980's, and that the government is relatively honest and not in the control of the wealthy.

THough we may never move there, it would be interesting to visit sometime to see for one's self. Wouldn't it?

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