Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Oh, what a night

Oh, what a night, late December back in '63
What a very special time for me
As I remember what a night!
Oh what a night,

The Four Seasons: Oh What A Night

But I'm talking about tonight, not back then, in '63. The third debate just ended, and now I'm back on the Red Sox-Yankees game. Our old town team is down one game, and it isn't looking great for tonight either. The Sox are down by three in the 8th, two on, and nobody out.

It's been another of those "typical" days for me. Janet went off to work at about 8:30, I did some early morning new-reading on line, then wandered over to the Coffee Plantation for another Mac lesson with Bill. I enjoy these because Bill challenges me with his questions, and I wind up learning something new myself. We were exploring Appl networking together. Our two iBooks hooked up together instantly, and we could also see the two PC guys who were using the wireless network from outside at the picnic table, the other iBook guy outside at the other picnic table, and the four computers in the internet café. I checked to be sure that both of our iBooks were secured properly from outside intrusion.

I went from there to the Bahama Village Music Program building at Fort and Petronia Sts. to drop off a pair of speakers I got donated by our landlord for the Business Manager's computer, something I told her I would try to do. And I took an inventory of the Macintosh computer equipment that the Chicken Lady donated. It looks like the one monitor she donated might be bad, negating any possibility of using either of the two computers. Little Boy Flowers met me there (I was supposed to meet him at the house, but lost track of the time). He used one of the electronic pianos to give me a preview of some music he has written for a movie that he is planning on making with some friends, and I was very impressed by it. I had no idea that he was planning this, and he was waiting until he could play the songs for me to tell me about it. Good stuff. We walked back to our house for his science lesson, where he surprised me again by showing me that he had completed the entire sub-chapter on atomic and radiation science. Final surprise: he brought along a DVD for me to watch. It's titled Tom Dowd and the Language of Music. Review to follow after I watch it.

Speaking of late December, as I just was, I'm reminded that December '63 was notable for us as the time of our daughter Betty's birth, on the 2nd, and thus of course our first Christmas as parents. Those were good times too.

Hi, Mom, am I doing better?

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