Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day in Key West

Citizen's Voice of the Day

"Bravo, three cheers for Waste Management and the sweeper who cleans up Duval Street. It was great to wake up Sunday morning to see Duval Street so clean and so beautiful."

'Tis true, the city crews do an amazing job of cleaning up the tons of trash that wind up on the streets after a major street event, and especially after Fantasy Fest. The cleaning of Duval St. goes on every day, seven days a week, but the job is magnitudes larger after a street event. The barricades have to be taken down, workers walk down both sides of the street with leaf blowers, clearing trash from the sidewalks into the streets, then the mechanized sweepers -- the city has at least two -- move in sweeping and vacuuming the streets. It's hard to tell how much of the dreck goes into the storm sewers before sweeping. It's a lot, I suspect.

Today is, of course, Election Day. Janet went to vote early this morning, shortly after the 7 o'clock opening, as she wanted to avoid long lines if they were present. She was back quickly, and said that although there were some lines, they weren't long and moved quickly. I'll go to vote later on. We're voting alike but for two races, where our votes will cancel each other.

Janet is out of work for a few days due to a problem she's having with her right foot, a blister that broke and became infected. She went to the Clinic yesterday and spent most of the day waiting to see the doctor. He gave her antibiotics for the infection and scheduled an appointment at the foot care clinic at the Lower Keys Medical Center. She's also going to buy a better pair of shoes for work, probably a pair of New Balance for better foot support. After her trip to the Clinic, we went to the matinee at Regal Cinemas to see "Ray", the story of Ray Charles' life. It's a terrific movie. Jamie Foxx is Ray Charles in his performance, entirely believable, although the sound track is actually Ray himself doing the singing. We both loved it and recommend it highly.

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