Tuesday, November 16, 2004

If it's Tuesday, this must be Schooner Wharf

11/16/04, 12:27 PM :
I'm at Schooner Wharf. Bruce Isaacson is playing and singing. I got dressed up for a luncheon meeting with the Key West Restaurant and Bar Association at Dotty's invitation. Turns out that it's next Tuesday, not today. Stopped in to see Sharon at French Kiss. She's just back from a buying trip to LA with her father, and her brother's wedding in Bradenton, FL. I rode my bike from there to here, went into Reef Relief to get tickets for Cayo Carnival this Saturday, and came here to see Jan, who I haven't seen in some time, but she isn't working today, normally her only day working here. It's a nice day -- no, a VERY nice day today. The wind has let up a little, a good thing for the Superboats that are here to race on Wednesday, and on the weekend. The race village is set up on the Navy property that was just turned over to the city. Very large boats are moving slowly through our streets toward the waterfront for set up and testing. These boats are huge, and fast, some of them capable of hitting speeds over a hundred miles an hour. There'll be a display of the boats on Duval Street on Friday night. We missed the parade of boats on Sunday, another awesome sight.

Speaking of parades, there's a parade this afternoon. The Kampen Band from Norway is in town to give a concert at St. Paul's Church on Duval Street tonight, sponsored by the Founders Society. Before the concert, they are going to march from Jackson Square (the County Courthouse Complex) up Whitehead Street to Petronia and into Bahama Village, where they'll meet up with the students from the Bahama Village Music Program for a welcoming ceremony, then continue their march to the Southernmost Point.

(Cute sight. A little boy, not quite two it appears, standing in front of the stage where Bruce is singing "If I were a Carpenter", the child bouncing up and down to the rhythm of the music.)

I picked up tickets at Reef Relief for Cayo Carnival this Saturday evening, for ourselves and for Theo and Diane who've decided to join the fun. Cayo Carnival is, like, the locals party of the year. It's held at East Martello Towers, $15 to get in, and inside there are booths set up by many of the restaurants and bars where you can sample a taste of their house specialties for a small price. There'll be three bands performing for our listening and dancing pleasure: The Gully Roosters from Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas; the Sauce Boss, who fixes up a big pot of gumbo while performing; and Caffeine Carl and the Buzz, a band that just keeps getting better as its leader gets better and better on lead guitar. It's sure to be a of of fun.

So, my beer is gone (just had the one) and it's time to go see what else I can do today to keep it interesting.

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