Saturday, December 11, 2004

Anchoring Out

I'm subscribed to a Yahoo! Group named KeyWestFlorida. There are over a thousand registered users, but it's a low-traffic group and there's not often much that is interesting posted. Lately it's been picking up some spam, and the occasional e-mail from someone looking for kinkiness, or promoting their exhibitionist photos from Fantasy Fest. Occasionally though, like today, an interesting posting comes up, one that I choose to respond to based on my intimate knowledge (wink, nudge) of this place we call home. Without adornment, here's that exchange.

> Hi Gang, I've been lurking here for awhile, trying to gain some
> information about Key West and that area. Seems that there are
> differing opinions about the area, and where to go for what. My main
> interest is where to go for the most, and part with the least of my
> monies. I live on a sailboat, anchor out and "make do" with limited
> funds. Am not into lavish restaurants or bars, but rather where
> the `Blue collar, locals' go to have a great time. In my travels
> along the coast, I often find these places the best places.
> So those of you that have vacationed here, and have found some of
> these places?pass the word on. And those of you that live there?give
> up your secrets too.
> "Where are the best places, for the least money, that offer good
> service, and a friendly atmosphere"? Including laundry mats,
> hardware & grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment?etc
> Thanks?,a `solo' sailor?keeping track of his monies.

If you anchor out in Key West Harbor (and please, do moor to one of the buoys; I think it includes pump-out fees), and can dinghy in, there are many such places in easy walking distance. Schooner Wharf is within yards of the dinghy dock. It's a combined locals/tourist bar. There are many friendly, knowledgeable locals who appear there regularly, especially in the morning for the Breakfast Club (if it ain't beer, it ain't breakfast). There are three happy hours every day. There are lots of other good places to hang out at along the waterfront. I don't know a lot about most of them. Harpoon Harry's is a good place for breakfast. PT's Late Night gets a lot of locals traffic. The VFW is pretty much locals only, with many of them regulars (like every day). The marina offers laundry and shower facilities for a fee. Small groceries are in the neighborhood, but the Waterfront Market is right by the dinghy dock and carries most every thing you might need regularly. Keep an old bicycle somewhere near the docks and you can be anywhere in Old Town in 10 minutes. Frequent city bus service can get you to the commercial shopping district or up to Stock Island for a buck or so.

Hope this helps a bit. Come on down. Look me up.


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